Victorian Consumer Survey

Problems, complaints and resolutions

CPRC surveyed Victorians to understand their experiences as consumers. We look at the problems they face, if they made a complaint and if their issue was resolved across a wide range of industries.

Overall, our research points to major areas of improvement for businesses in Victoria

Consumer guarantees


42% of Victorians were given incorrect or incomplete information about the consumer guarantee rights

Returns, refunds, warranty issues

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8% of Victorians were told you cannot return products you purchased on sale but the Australian Consumer Law applies even when there’s a sale or discount.

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7% of Victorians were told you have no right to a refund when the manufacturer’s warranty period expires, but warranties are different to your consumer guarantee rights. In many cases, your rights can outlast a warranty as products you buy need to last for a reasonable period.


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13% of Victorians were told they should buy an extended warranty but many of these warranties cover you for things you already have a right to under the Australian Consumer Law.

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9% of Victorians were incorrectly told sales are final and they couldn’t return a product after purchase.

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11% of Victorians were told they could only get a refund with packaging. If the product is faulty or doesn’t meet the consumer guarantees, you don’t need the packaging to get a fair fix.


Second hand

41% of Victorians who purchased a second-hand vehicle had a problem 


New car

 31% of people who purchased a new car had a problem


Faulty items


13% of Victorians had a faulty or broken item 


14% had issues where a service wasn’t delivered as expected or didn’t work.

Next steps

CPRC welcomes the opportunity to work further on this issue with government, regulators, policy makers, academia and the community sector.

For a one-on-one briefing on the survey results or if you wish to collaborate, please contact us on if you would like to be involved.