Not a Fair Trade
Consumer views on how businesses
use their data

This working paper explores consumer sentiment on privacy practices and protections. CPRC conducted a nationally representative survey of 1,000 Australians on their views on how personal information is collected, shared and used by businesses.

What did we find?

What does this mean?

The survey results confirm that Australians need and deserve privacy protections that:

Next steps

CPRC will be making a submission to the consultation on the

CPRC welcomes the opportunity to work further on this issue with government, regulators, policy makers, academia and the community sector.

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About the Author

Chandni Gupta

Digital Policy Director 

Chandni leads CPRC’s research stream on protecting consumers in a digital world. Her work to date includes exploring the consumer shift from the analogue towards the digital economy, the impact of deceptive and manipulative online design on Australian consumers and the key gaps that currently exist in Australia’s consumer protections.